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Solving Problems and Uncomplicating Project Management

Project Management does not need to be complicated or overwhelming.


We help organizations significantly increase the success rates of their projects while minimizing the disruption to the daily operations by applying Proven Project Management Tools and Best Practices.




We collaborate with entrepreneurs and established buisness leaders to provide strategic and sensible advice, coaching and consultation. Utilizing the proven Project Management tools and best-practices to keep you focused and organized.




Is there something you should or need to do but haven’t done yet?

  • Are you looking to add, modify, or remove something from your business?

  • Process, Technology, or Facilities Improvements?

  • Address Customer Demands?

  • Manage Costs or Grow Revenues?

  • Legal or Regulatory Compliance?






Mike is a highly talented project manager. During his engagement with our company, Mike was instrumental in driving the success of several key IT projects within the infrastructure, information security, and application development functions.


One thing that stands out about Mike is his ability to develop strong relationships with team members and stakeholders within the organization. His collaborative approach and excellent communication skills allow him to effectively engage, solicit feedback, and build consensus around key project milestones.


He quickly came up to speed on our processes and procedures, and his exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail allow him to manage projects to successful delivery. He delivers results on time and with a high level of quality.


Wendy M. - Director, Technology Solutions-Based Consulting Firm


I worked with Mike while on assignment for a Social Media giant, on several projects under the office of the CISO. Mike is a strong leader and possesses that "It factor" that allows him to quickly establish rapport with project teams, and interface effortlessly with Sr. Leadership, to deliver value and achieve project objectives. He is pragmatic in his approach to help teams quickly identify the underlying issues, utilizing time proven tools and exercises, to roadmap the best solution to improve, or build net new capabilities.


Jeff H. – Senior Project and Program Management Consultant

On a young team, Mike provided a calm and assuring voice in all his work and was instrumental in tuning the reporting in our PM toolkit to provide a more holistic view of progress and leadership support requests across a portfolio of projects. 


Mike always looks at a problem as an opportunity to find a solution - he has a very clear and defined communication style, the correct mix of gravitas and openness that lends itself very well to collaborative work. He built strong relationships in his team which was going through a period of reorganization, and it is a testament to his focus that despite the on-going change, Mike still kept a relentless focus on his mission. He has a very clear sense of accountability for all his work.


Mike has an innate honesty - he never hesitated to call out blockers or stalled progress but instead opened communication pathways to get all stakeholders together to work out new paths forward - this would have included some senior stakeholders and Mike very precisely outlined the issues and presented best-fit solutions.


I valued Mike’s integrity and honesty on the team and was confident that any work under his command was in very secure hands.

Maud O. - PMO Leader, Global Multi-Media Corporation

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