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Problem Solver, Strategist, Collaborator, Mentor, Partner, Coach

Mike Mitchell

  • Do you struggle with the uncertainty that every day of an entrepreneurial pursuit can bring?
  • Do you feel anxiety and stress? Fearful of making the wrong decision and stuck in neutral?
  • Are you overwhelmed; flooded with questions and challenges that exceed your expertise?
  • Are you spread too thin and wondering if you’re doing the right thing chasing this dream?

First and foremost, I am a problem-solver. A professional strategist who will help you organize, plan, and execute on your vision. I do this by applying proven tools, techniques, and best practices and leveraging my strengths as an effective communicator, problem solver, and relationship manager.
What makes us the best option to help our clients is our experience. We are a bridge that brings entrepreneurs knowledge from 30+ years in the business world. That experience has equipped us to help people in all walks of life tackle all kinds of business problems.
  • We make complicated business challenges feel simple.
  • We help our clients get to the root of their pain and empower them to take action with confidence.
  • We get to know what you don’t know, and save you time and energy that can be reinvested back.
  • Our perspective helps our clients see that their problems are solvable and their dream is achievable.
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Strategic Planning For Entrepreneurs

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Problem-Solving 101. An Introduction to Project Management

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